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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • برنامه Anyfont نصب فونت های دلخواه بر روی دستگاه های ios و استفاده از آنها در اکثر برنامه ها را برای شما میسر می سازد.
      شما با نصب فونت توسط این برنامه قادر خواهید بود تا از آنها در برنامه های Third Party استفاده کنید.
      برنامه هایی همچون :
      – آفیس
      – پاورپوینت
      – اکسل
      – زیرنویس پلیر های مختلف مثل nPlayer و vlcPlayer
      – برنامه های نوشتاری مختلف
      – برنامه های ادیت عکس

  • English description of the application

      With AnyFont it is finally possible to install any additional font in TrueTypeFont- (.ttf), OpenTypeFont- (.otf) or TrueType Collection- (.ttc) format on your iPhone or iPad. These fonts can then be used throughout the system in other apps like Pages, Keynote or Numbers.

      No more unexpectedly replaced fonts in presentations because the iPhone or iPad does not know them. The perfect solution for everybody who creates presentations on a Mac or PC to show them on their iPad.

      Extremely easy to use. An extensive FAQ and an introductory tutorial help you to understand the app.

      - Add new fonts as .ttf, .ttc or .otf file using iTunes file sharing or the „Open in…“ dialog from other apps like Mail or Dropbox
      - Add single fonts or multiple fonts as a ZIP- or TTC-file
      - Install single fonts or multiple fonts at once
      - Preview your fonts in AnyFont’s storage
      - Optional bundle of 1,000+ fonts (In-App Purchase)
      - Complete list of all installed fonts on the device

      Working with:
      - Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad
      - Numbers, Keynote and Pages
      - Office Suite Pro
      - Office²HD
      - and many other apps!

      Check out this video tutorial:

      AnyFont website:

      NOTE: It is not possible to change the system-font on your device with AnyFont. With AnyFont you can install additional fonts on your device which can then be used by other apps which make use of the device's font book.

      NOTE II: Some fonts using Cyrillic or Asian characters are not supported by this way of installing fonts.

      NOTE III: You don't have to purchase the optional font bundle to use AnyFont. You can always add your own fonts to install them on your device.

قابل نصب بر روی ios 7 و بالاتر.