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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • Color Splash Effect Pro نرم افزاری برای خلق تصاویر سیاه و سفید بسیار زیبا و خاص است. با استفاده از این نرم افزار جالب می توانید عکس های خود را به صورت سیاه و سفید درآورده و بعد قسمت دلخواهی از عکس را رنگی کنید. نرم افزارهای زیادی وجود دارند که مشابه این کار را انجام می دهند اما این نرم افزار کنترل ها و تنظیمات زیادی را در اختیار شما قرار داده و تبدیل به نرم افزاری خاص و متفاوت در میان نرم افزارهای ویرایش عکس اندروید شده است

      ویژگی ها :

      # افقی و عمودی پشتیبانی
      # 33 جالب و تمام آثار جدید
      # 24 فریم و مرز
      # 18 اثر نور پوشش های ویژه
      # 12 بافت
      # تنظیم گرما
      # تنظیم کنتراست
      # تنظیم روشنایی
      # بهینه سازی قرص
      # جایگزینی رنگ های واقعی

  • English description of the application
    • Color is a special thing... something that can make your photos artistic and vibrant. Black and white images are special in their own unique way too. So... why not combine both into one image and now you can; with Color Splash Effect.

      Bring more attention to the more important things in your photo and make even boring photos - interesting. The application converts your photo into a black and white image, whilst still retaining the color information - then Color Splash Effect gives you the freedom to add color wherever you’d like. Either paint using the original color or ‘paint’ the image black and white... or simply paint with virtually every color imaginable for even more control over your photos. Add a touch of color to any photo or alternatively: apply one of the 37 vintage effects to your image. Don’t have time to complete your new creation? No problem, save multiple sessions for further editing when convenient or export your edited photo to your photo album or share directly onto Facebook.

      Color Splash Effect can make any dull photo an eye-catching, vibrant and beautiful piece of art, with this app you get full creative control on what to add/remove. Zoom into your image to add precise detail and change the size of your brush to fit your needs.
      Create a piece of art and share it with your friends, this app is great for everyone, an amateur photography or a pro just looking to have some fun with their photos!

      Become an artist and amaze your friends - all with Color Splash Effect
      Crop tool
      Add text to photos
      33 interesting and all new effects
      24 frames and borders
      18 special overlay light effects
      12 textures
      Save multiple files for later editing
      4 different brushes: Hard or Soft Edged and Opaque or Transparent
      Full Screen Mode: Hide unwanted toolbars
      Pinch to Zoom
      Many borders and frames to add to your finished creations
      Tablet friendly UI (including the Nexus 7)
      Edit the colors of your photo
      Undo any number of changes made
      Export photos to Facebook or your photo album
      Export photos to Twitter
      Vignette filters to apply to your creation

      Why Color Splash Effect is the favorable choice over other apps:

      High Resolution export (get the most out of your images)
      Portrait and Landscape support
      33 interesting and all new effects
      24 frames and borders
      18 special overlay light effects
      12 textures
      Warmth adjustment
      Contrast adjustment
      Brightness adjustment
      Tablet Optimization
      Realistic color replacement
      Export photos to Twitter

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