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کیمرا - سوشیال فوتو ادیتینگ
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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • یک برنامه حرفه ای، بسیار محبوب که با آن می توانید داشتن هفت لنز متفاوت مثل D-SLR camera و چهار سبک گرفتن عکس، مثل تایمر، عکاسی لمسی و... را تجربه کنید. وجود افکت های متنوع برای خلاقیت های بیشتر از دیگر امکانات برنامه است. شما همچنین توانا بر به اشتراک گذاری عکس ها در برخی از شبکه های اجتماعی خواهید بود. این برنامه توانایی تشخیص چهره را نیز دارد و می تواند افکت هایی مانند چشمان درشت، باریک، موزاییک و روشن سازی را نیز با توجه به چهره یابی، در دسترس شما قرار بدهد.
  • English description of the application
    • Our own photo playground, ‘Cymera Season 2’.

      With 90 million users worldwide, Cymera has unveiled a whole new look!

      On top of the existing camera editing tools, we added ‘a secrete space’ for you and your friends to Photo Play in a unique way.

      Check out the all new Cymera Season 2!

      Create and share photos through private albums with your friends. It will be a special hideout to have a good laugh by making cute or comical pics!

      ■ Retouch
      This is a brand new function only Cymera Season 2 holds.
      Add fun to your friends pics by using the original Cymera tools and the new face-pop tools(bloating the head!). Doing it together doubles the fun! More amusing functions will continuously be updated, so stay tuned.

      ■ Powerful Camera
      Choose between our 7 fascinating camera lenses and select out of the Focus/ Anti-Shake/Timer/Self-Portrait/Touch Shot options to capture extraordinary photos.

      ■ Filters
      Use the effects of approximately 100 filters/lights/borders that will change the ambience of your photos and bring them to life! Adjust the intensity so it looks more natural than ever.

      ■ Collages and Decorating
      Everything is possible with Cymera! From making photo stories with various collage layouts, to characteristic sticker functions that recognizes the face, brush items you can freely use, and even text functions with numerous fonts and style!

      ■ Beautify
      Use our simple and easy functions to become a super star! The Big Eyes/Smile/Slim Face/Clear Spots/Liquefy/Brightening functions and 70 different hairstyles, along with the cool makeup items will transform you completely.

      ■ Language Support
      Cymera offers languages in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Traditional and simplified)

      ■ Awards
      - Awarded the “Certificate of Merit” at the 2012 Asia Smartphone Apps Contest in the Creative Lifestyle category.
      - Awarded “April’s Best App” at the Korean Mobile Awards
      - Awarded “Popular Award” at the 2012 T store Awards in the FUN category


      Q) Do I need to sign up in order to use ‘Cymera Season 2’?
      A) Yes. All you need to do is sign up with your email to use the album and retouch functions.

      Q) Do I need to log in to use the new Cymera camera?
      A) No. You can use the existing camera and editing tools even without logging in.

      Q) What is the retouch function?
      A) It’s a whole new way to play with photos by creating and sharing photos through various functions (ex.Face Pop). You can edit your friend’s pics and share them too! Stay posted for our updated functions!

      Q) How do I invite my friends?
      A) Simply click on the ‘invite friends’ icon on the top part of the friends menu and you will be able to send invitations through Facebook, your address book, etc.

      Q) How do I share my pics with friends?
      A) Go to ‘share photos’ in the Home menu and select the albums and pics you want to share with your friends. Don’t forget to press the ‘check’ icon for confirmation!
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