BIG! Full Screen Caller ID Pro
بیگ! فول اسکرین کالر ای دی پرو
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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • BIG! Full Screen Caller ID یک برنامه قدرتمند و کاربردی در زمینه تمام صفحه کردن عکس مخاطب است. حتما مشاهده کرده اید که در گوشی های اندروید تصویر مخاطب به صورت تمام صفحه به نمایش در نمی آید و تنها نمایی کوچک از عکس نشان داده می شود. به کمک این برنامه حتی شما می توانید تصویری با کادر بزرگ برای تماس گیرنده انتخاب نمایید و با بهترین کیفیت، هنگام تماس با مخاطب مشاهده کنید. از ویژگی های این برنامه می توان به شخصی سازی اعلان ها، قابلیت خواندن نام تماس گیرنده، سفارشی سازی متن نمایشی و محیطی زیبا و کاربر پسند اشاره کرد.

  • English description of the application
    • Set full-screen caller photo for your friends' calls and texts + customize screen with many additional Themes. Connect with Facebook, Google+, Dropbox to download friends' full screen photos automatically.

      BIG! Full Screen Caller ID for Android gives you the possibility to set full screen caller ID images for your incoming and outgoing calls instead of a default caller ID screen with small pictures. We believe that if you have a georgeous HD screen in your phone, you should use it to its full potential. That's why we created BIG! Full Screen Caller ID - to make your Android phone look beautiful. Full-screen caller ID image will give your phone a fresh look, something it should have had the moment you turned it on for the first time. Download the app and go through a short setup guide, where you will automatically connect your contacts with their Facebook and/or Google+ accounts to download their full screen caller ID photos automatically. After setup you will need to enter your friends profiles and enable them to appear with full screen caller ID images when they call you.


      • full screen caller for incoming calls,
      • full screen caller for outgoing calls,
      • full screen photos when receiving SMS messages,
      • beautiful contacts list with 3 display modes,
      • connect with Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and download full-screen photos automatically (and browse FB albums),
      • download additional themes from Google Play,
      • rearrange buttons in caller ID screen,
      • switch between caller screen Themes, choose 'click' or 'slider' behavior of buttons,
      • enable full screen caller ID for all or only a few contacts.


      This is a free version, limited to 5 contacts.