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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • LINE یکی از بهترین و محبوب ترین نرم افزارهای ارتباطی می باشد که به شما این امکان را می دهد تا به صورت رایگان تماس صوتی برقرار کنید و به فرستادن پیامک به صورت نامحدود در ۲۴ ساعت شبانه روز بپردازید. در این نرم افزار هیچ محدودیتی برای استفاده وجود ندارد.اگر می خواهید با دوستان یا بستگانتان در خارج از کشور ارتباط برقرار کنید، این اپلیکیشن یکی از بهترین ها برای شماست.

  • English description of the application
    • There are no limits! Call and send messages as much as you want!

      LINE is a new communication app that allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day!

      LINE has been ranked no. 1 in the free app category in 52 countries including Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Macau, United Arab Emirates and more!

      New LINE Features:

      ◆Video Calls
      Now you can make ""Video Calls"" with LINE! Perfect for everything from talking with far away friends and family to holding business meetings.

      ◆Snap Movie
      Capture the moment in a few frames of film, add some BGM and then share it with your friends, all with the new ""Snap Movie"" feature.

      More about LINE’s Features:

      ◆Free Voice Calls and Video Calls!
      ・If you have LINE on your iPhone, you can enjoy free, high quality voice calls and video calls whenever and wherever you are. Talk for as much as you like and best of all, it’s free!
      ・Free for international calls as well.

      ◆Messages Delivered to You Quick!
      Instead of taking time to email/sms your friends, use LINE’s message function to send messages easily with colorful icons, photos and even location information.
      ・Express yourself using stickers and emoji.
      ・Send photos and voice messages with ease.
      ・Available for PCs.

      ◆Making Communication More Enjoyable and Convenient
      With the Timeline feature, you can update your friends about what you've been doing lately using text, photos, movies, stickers and even location info. Don't miss out on what your friends are posting, either!"

      ◆Find all your favorite characters in the Sticker Shop!
      You'll find hilarious and fun stickers featuring famous characters from all over the world!"

      ◆Useful info delivered to you from LINE’s Official Accounts
      Add any of these Official Accounts to get original messages from famous celebrities from your country of choice.

      *As with any other apps, data transfer fees may be incurred. We therefore recommend using these services on an unlimited mobile price plan.

      Supported Devices:
      For best results and ease of use, we recommend using LINE on iOS 4.3 or higher.

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