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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • این اپلیکیشن با اضافه کردن افکت های بسیار زیبا بر روی تصاویر شما می تواند زیبایی خاصی به آنها ببخشد . این برنامه که به صورت رایگان نیز عرضه شده استبیش از ۱۰۰ فریم مختلف و ۶۰۰ تمبر افسانه ای را در خود گنجانده است که هر یک از آنها می تواند به تنهایی شما را مجذوب خود سازد .

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      # تنظیم تعادل از جزئیات کوچک با یک ضربه ساده
      # باریک بخش های خاصی از عکس به آسانی
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  • English description of the application
    • ★Over 80 million users in 210 countries!
      ★LINE camera has received a total of 100,000 reviews! Thank you for your support!
      We will continue to add new functions and improve existing ones in order to maintain our current 4.5 star average, and hope you will continue to enjoy taking and decorating photos with LINE camera!
      ★No. 1 in Google Play’s Photography category in 19 countries, including Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain, and Singapore!

      [LINE’s official camera app]
      Liven up your photos and share them with your friends on LINE, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services!

      [New LINE camera functions]
      Easily bring out the natural charm in your photos with the new “Beauty” feature.
      Use simple commands to automatically edit your photos.

      [LINE camera features]
      -New and exciting ways to edit your photos for free!
      Over 1000 stamps, including the popular LINE stamps, and over 100 different kinds of frames and rich fonts are at your fingertips for free.

      -Over 5000 stamps total
      New stamps featuring popular characters and stamps drawn by famous illustrators are added every week to help you spruce up your photos.

      -Cute, sleek filters
      Highly customizable filters let you make your photos look just how you like.

      -Make your own original stamps!
      Use your own illustrations, text, or photos to make your own stamps.

      -A full collection of photography aids!
      Use the Timer, Touch photo, Grid Display, and other photo aids to take a photo in any setting.

      -Easy photo sharing
      Share your photos on a wide variety of social networking services, including Facebook, Twitter, and of course LINE.

      Camera features
      -Take photos in 1:1 or 3:4 aspect ratios
      -Touch shoot
      -Silent shoot (only available on some devices)
      -Grid display/Leveler display

      Decoration features
      -Over 5000 stamps
      -Over 100 frames
      -Over 30 filters
      -200 different brushes
      -Over 100 fonts
      -Brushes and text to make into stamps

      Beauty features
      -Easily adjust the brightness and smoothness of skin
      -Adjust the balance of small details with a simple tap
      -Slim certain parts of the photo easily
      -Natural-looking eye enlargement
      -Erase blemishes and dark circles under eyes

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