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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • نرم افزار Memory Booster Full به شما کمک می کند تا مشکل کمبود حافظه و کند بودن دستگاه خود را حل کنید. این نرم افزار با خالی کردن حافظه اشغال شده توسط نرم افزار های مختلفی که اجرا کرده اید و پاک کردن کش، میزان حافظه آزاد گوشی شما را افزایش می دهد و باعث افزایش سرعت گوشی می شود.

      ویژگی ها:

      # نمایش گراف لحظه ای از میزان مصرف رم و مقدار حافظه خالی دستگاه
      # مدیریت بستن برنامه ها
      # پاک کردن کش
      # بهینه سازی خودکار در نسخه پرو
      # ایجاد لیست سیاه و سفید جهت اجرای برنامه ها
      # نمایش مشخصات دقیق دستگاه
      # دارای ویجت جهت دسترسی سریع به نرم افزار و بهینه سازی

  • English description of the application
    • Memory Booster aims at enhancing system speed by resolving memory issues on Android devices with
      ★ Real-time RAM usage
      ★ Task Killer
      ★ Cache Cleaner
      ★ Garbage Collector
      ★ Auto Boost (in pro version)
      ★ Whitelist/Ignore list
      ★ System info

      Supported languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Indonesian, Slovak, Albanian

      Memory level status and memory usage graph

      Free memory level is the main factor that affects how fast system runs. Memory Booster shows you real-time free memory level, and provides a live chart to demonstrate how memory changes.

      One-tap Quick Boost
      Quick Boost recovers memory by killing running tasks, cleaning cache and system garbage. It rescues your phone from running slow and behaving abnormal in no time.

      Customizable Auto Boost Features
      To make memory boosting easier, Auto Boost can be set at different boost levels (General, Optimum and Ultimate boost) with multiple boost strategies: auto boost at regular interval, or when memory drops down to a certain level or when device is locked.

      Whitelist Manager/Ignore List
      Whitelist Manager protects fatal system processes from being killed. And it allows you to add favorite apps or remove unnecessary apps from the list.

      Task Killer (ROOT beta embedded)
      Task Killer shows all the running apps except those whitelisted, with detailed memory and CPU usage information of each running app. By (long) pressing the app name you will get more details and more options to deal with the app. Root killing is embedded in Task killer; so if your device is rooted, you can try root killing by pressing app name and select “Force Stop”.

      Homescreen widgets, shortcuts and status bar icon (optional)
      Homescreen widgets, shortcuts and status bar icon provide memory info and boosting options outside the main app. With these, monitoring and handling memory issue becomes easy and handy.

      And more…
      Other functions like low memory notification, startup boost, boost log, system information, etc. give additional information about memory and system, thus to help you deal with memory conditions more effectively.

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