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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • برنامه MomentCam یک ویرایشگر عکس جالب و کاربردی است که می توانید عکس های خود را به صورت کارتونی تبدیل کنید. حتما تا کنون بارها به این فکر کرده اید که چگونه می شود عکسی را به حالت کارتونی دراورد! این برنامه دارای افکت ها و فیلترهای متنوعی می باشد که می توانید به سرعت اقدام به کارتونی کردن تصاویر به شکلی جالب و زیبا کنید. از ویژگی های این برنامه می توان به داشتن افکت های بی نظیر برای کارتونی کردن تصاویر و محیطی ساده و کاربرپسند اشاره کرد.

  • English description of the application
    • Due to system error, if you download new daily designs in midnight of 10th (Beijing Time) or morning of 10th (Pacific Time), you might encounter crash. If you do, please go to setup -> application manager -> MomentCam to clear data; or just re-install MomentCam, you can resolve the issue quickly. We are appreciate your patience for the inconvinience causing to you. Our team is devoted to continue to provide the best experience for our users.

      MomentCam comes back with the powerful animation tool. Go for a quick selfie to see your own animation emoticons. You will be shocked with MomentCam's revolutionary innovation. MomentCam is the first camera in the world interpreting pictures into cartoons. You want to see self at the Moment World, download MomentCam and let it surprise you. Every time you try, you meet another self, with humor, charm or just a life in your dream. Come to have to fun with MomentCam, it will make your life different.

      Statement from MomentCam: Our app is a safe, clean and non-advertisement app. Our team is a group of young Chinese artists and computer developers with a dream and big heart to bring happiness and fun to all the people in the world. We sincerely thank you for trying our app and provide us thousands of comments. Life is beautiful and we will continue to create more fun for you!

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