Secret Safe Password Manager
سکرت سیف پسورد منیجر
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    امنیتی , اندروید , برنامه

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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • رمزهای عبور خود را با نرم افزار Secret Safe Password Manager مدیریت نمایید ! این برنامه قادر خواهد بود به راحتی از رمز های کارت اعتباری ، حساب های اینترنتی ، تماس های مخفی ، قفل پین گوشی ، بوکمارک های قدرتمند و لینک ها محافظت نماید . تنها کافی است پین های هر قسمت را وارد کرده و سپس برنامه آن ها را برای شما ذخیره می نماید . لازم به ذکر است که این برنامه به صورت کامل از زبان های انگلیسی ، فرانسوی و اسپانیایی پشتیبانی می کند .

      تغییرات :
      # اضافه شدن زبان های بیشتر
      # رفع برخی اشکالات جزئی
      # بهبود عملکرد برنامه

  • English description of the application
    • The password manager with the highest level of security combined with an easy to use interface.
      No other password vault offers more possibilites to store your confidential
      * login information and credentials (user name, password, clickable logon URL),
      * PIN of credit cards, ATM cards or phone locks PINs,
      * secret text notes,
      * secret contacts (email, phone numbers) and
      * secret bookmarks and hyperlinks
      in one single application. And no other password manager has more security features, like
      * application master PIN or master text password
      * data encryption with 256 bit keys based on a combination of SHA-256, AES and Twofish, the most secure hash and encryption algorithms available today's cryptography
      * encryption keys are not directly derived from the master password, to prevent brute-force password cracking using cracking hardware (e.g. graphic card clusters), when the phone was lost or stolen
      * only one Android permission is necessary for the app: access to SD card for backup / restore (no internet access needed and no ads!)
      * backup function for all stored passwords and other confidential data based on ZIP AES 256 encryption (backup can be read on your PC with normal UNZIP software)
      * backup can be SEND directly to a safe storage via bluetooth, email or cloud storage
      * the backup file is overwritten on the deletion, so that it cannot be restored by recovery tools
      * initial data load using the restore function based on CSV import file
      * app is locked automatically, when there is was user input for 2 minutes (timeout is configurable)
      * "exit" menu on all screens, that stops the app completely
      * optional self-destruction function after 7 unsuccessful logon attempts
      * user name and password can be copied to the clipboard and are deleted automatically after 30 seconds
      * configurable password generator
      * on Honeycomb and ICS systems, the application prevents that sensitive data is shown in screenshots for the "recent apps" list

      * English
      * German
      * French
      * Spanish
      * Russian (by Andrey Kharitonov)

      * The "lite" version is limited to 8 database entries!
      * The full version has no limitations.

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