Shazam Encore
شیزم انکور
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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • Shazam Encore نام نرم افزاری می باشد که توسط آن می توانید اطلاعات کامل مربوط به یک آهنگ را از اینترنت به دست بیاورید. این نرم افزار به شما این امکان را خواهد داد تا بتوانید تمام اطلاعات مربوط به یک آهنگ نظیر نام خواننده، تاریخ پخش و … را به دست بیاورید. تنها کافی است که آهنگ را در این برنامه پخش کنید و سپس خود برنامه به صورت اتوماتیک با استفاده از صدای پخش شده، اقدام به جستوجو در اینترنت می کند.

  • English description of the application
    • Shazam is the best way to identify music and TV. In seconds you’ll know the name of any song, or more about what you’re watching - touch to Shazam to start your journey.

      Turn on Auto Shazam and we’ll keep finding music and TV even when you leave the app. Check out trending sounds from all around the world, and get new content daily from your favourite Shazamed artists.

      Once you Shazam music, you can easily:
      • Preview and buy tracks on iTunes
      • Sing along to the beat with real time lyrics
      • Watch music videos on YouTube
      • Share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ and Pinterest
      • Listen to full tracks with Rdio, Spotify or Deezer
      • Connect to Rdio to create a playlist of your Shazamed tracks, or add tracks to any Rdio playlist
      • See song recommendations from others like you

      You can also use Shazam with TV:
      • Shazam your favorite TV shows for the cast, soundtracks, and more
      • Shazam ads to watch again, share with friends, or get special offers

      Want even more?
      • Turn on Auto Shazam, and the app will continuously identify music and TV, while respecting your
      battery life and privacy
      • Go to to see your entire Shazam history; sign in to Facebook to get started
      • Check out News to discover great new videos, updates and more, from artists and TV shows
      you’ve Shazamed; plus see what your friends are Shazaming
      • Pulse has real-time top charts showing you what’s being Shazamed right now
      • Explore shows you what’s trending around the world and zoom in for local chart knowledge
      • Book concert tickets for artists you’ve Shazamed

      • Previewing and buying music requires the iTunes music store in your country. Previews are courtesy of iTunes.
      • Lyrics and LyricPlay™ available: US, CA, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, AU, NZ

نیازمند ios 6 و بالاتر.