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    • برنامه Studyfocus برای تمام دانش آموزانی است که واقعا می خواهند مطالعه کنند اما پای کامپیوتر خود گیر کرده اند.Studyfocusبرنامه ای برای یادآوری، انگیزه و پاداش برای مطالعه است. می خواهید مطالعه کنید اما همیشه در فیس بوک، یوتیوب و … چسبیده هستید؟ دیگر نه. Studyfocus مادر مجازی شماست که تکلیف خانه را به یادتان می آورد و به شما برای انجام آن انگیزه می دهد. هنگامی که شما به اندازه کافی مطالعه کرده اید Studyfocus به شما پاداش می دهد. اگر از زیر بار مطالعه کردن در بروید، شما را مجازات می کند!

  • English description of the application
    • ★ Studyfocus - Reminds, Motivates and Rewards you for studying. ★

      ★★★ 80% DISCOUNT for the FIRST USERS, LIMITED OFFER ★★★

      You want to study. But you *always* get stuck on facebook / reddit / youtube / etc. Not anymore. Studyfocus is your virtual mom that reminds you of your homework and motivates you to do it. When you have studied enough Studyfocus rewards you. If you skip to study, it punish you.


      Studyfocus is for all students that actually want to study but finds them self getting stuck at the computer.



      1. Come home from school, tired
      2. Add today's homework to Studyfocus
      3. Do whatever you want, check facebook, play some video games, browse reddit, etc
      4. Studyfocus reminds and motivates you about your homework
      5. Do your homework, get rewarded by Studyfocus
      6. Look at your progress, feel good about your self
      7. Repeat everyday
      8. ★ Prepare for a greater grade! ★


      ☞ Reminds - Remind you of your homework
      ☞ Motivates - Motivates you to do it
      ☞ Rewards - Rewards you for studying

      # THE STORY

      I want to study. Because I want a good grade, so I can get into a got college, so I can get a great job and an even greater life. But when I come home from a 6 hours school day, I'm tired. I've been studying the whole day. I need to rest a bit. Maybe check facebook, watch some youtube clips, maybe play some Counter Strike and so on. The problem is that I got stuck at the computer. The time just flies away and whoops, the time is 22:00 and I should definitely sleep but I have forgotten to do my homework. "I can do it tomorrow" I said to my self, but next day isn't different. I'm tired when I come home from school, just want to play some games for 30 minutes, but it turns into hours and hours.

      That's why I decided to create Studyfocus.

      When I come home today I open Studyfocus, add today's homework. "I want to study Math in about 30 minutes". Then I can browse youtube and check facebook without guilty conscience. After 30 minutes Studyfocus will start remind me. Of course it can be hard to go away from the computer, it's so fun there. That's why I added the motivation part to Studyfocus. Studyfocus motivates me and reminds me of how important school is.

      I start to study. If I lose motivation and focus during the studying time I just pick up my phone and Studyfocus will try to motivate to study more. When I'm done with the homework Studyfocus rewards me. I feel good. I check my progress. I feel even better.


      ◆ Feedback & ideas: ◆

      PLEASE add feedback and your ideas at our uservocie page:

      This way I can easily see what you think is the most important things to add or improve.

      # INFO

      Twitter: @studyfocusapp


      - android.permission.INTERNET - Required by phonegap + used in the trail version of Studyfocus
      - android.permission.VIBRATE - So the phone can vibrate.
      - android.permission.WAKE_LOCK - Needed to vibrate + alarm even when the screen is turned off.