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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • برنامه TopNotes Pro را شاید بتوان کی از بهترین برنامه های نوت برداری در اپ استور برای آیپد به شمار آورد.
      با کمک قابلیت تشخیص دست خط و امکانات زیاد این توانایی را به شما می دهد تا در هر زمانی و هر کجا هر نوع نوتی که دلخواه شماست را یادداشت کنید.
      این برنامه هم چنین قابلیت های زیادی در زمینه فایل های PDF نیز دارد.خوندن فایل ها و نشانه گذاری و یادداشت در فایل های PDF از این ویژگی هاست.این برنامه قابلیت بک آپ گرفتن از فایل ها در سرویس های ابری مانند dropbox – box – google drive و .. را دارد.

  • English description of the application
    • TopNotes is the best note taking app ever built for your iPad. It has the most advanced handwriting engine and a robust notes management system. With TopNotes, you can take beautiful notes with your iPad at anywhere, anytime, and store them forever.

      TopNotes has powerful features for PDF documents, too! You can read, annotate pdf files or even fill out PDF forms! It also has various export options to send your documents via email or upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive and other clouds.

      Easiest way to manage notebooks
      * Very well designed shelf for notebook management.
      * Drag & drop to decide the order of notebooks.
      * Password protects notebooks on shelf for privacy.
      * Rearrange pages within a notebook or move them to different notebooks to reorganize your notes.

      Powerful editing tools
      * Very well designed papers and digital ink pens.
      * Full set of highlighter pens.
      * Multiple erasers to meet different requirements.
      * Copy/Cut/Paste to move or duplicate notes.
      * Import pictures from album & adjust the size.
      * Choose paper type for each page.
      * With undo/redo features to compare previous and current ideas, and correct step forward more easily.
      * Wrist feature to protect the specified area from careless editing.
      * Read-only mode for notes reading in case of some unnecessary editing.

      Continuous upgrades
      Once you bought our app, you’re not just having our current quality and features but the future improvements.

      Great customer support
      We provide uninterrupted 24-hours support, once you have some problems please send us a mail and you’ll get the response within minutes.

      *Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

نیازمند ios 7 و بالاتر.