Worms 3
وارم 3
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  • توضیحات فارسی اپلیکیشن
    • این بازی که دارای تصاویری به سبک کارتونی می باشد ۳۰ ماموریت چالش برانگیز و سرگرم کننده را شامل می شود .هر ماموریت در محیطی متفاوت و جذاب صورت خواهد گرفت و دارای حالت های مختلفی برای بازی است که از آن ها می توان به حالت Body Count اشاره کرد که در آن با انبوهی از کرم ها مواجه می شوید و کارتان کمی دشوار می شود و در عوض جذابیت بازی چند برابر خواهد شد .

  • English description of the application
    • DEAL yourself the advantage with a new, game-changing enhancement. Turn on the card mode and alter the start and end of each turn by the playing of strategic cards.

      COLLECT in-game rewards that allow you to purchase bronze, silver and gold cards. Build your deck from 41 fiendishly designed cards!

      ENLIST your perfect battle combination as you choose your worms from a new ‘Class’ system - Heavy, Scientist, Scout and classic Soldier. Each has their own unique skill and ability. Which will fit in with your style of play?

      SHOW off your skills by earning Achievements! Delightful blends of the simple and complex, these goals have been deliberately engineered to push you and your wormy skills to the limits!

      PLAY online with asynchronous multiplayer warfare. Enrol in ranked or friendly matches and show off your prowess. Remember, with asynchronous multiplayer you don’t have to commit to a full session at a time. Take your turn then go beat your friends score in the single-player Bodycount mode!

      BATTLE in multiplayer Forts or Deathmatch modes and challenge yourself with the increasingly difficult Bodycount single-player game.

      CONQUER 27 single-player missions across 4 new themes (Beach, Spooky, Farmyard and Sewer).

      CUSTOMISE your squad and make them unique with a huge amount of customisation elements new to Android!

      INCOMING! All your old favourite weapons plus six new ones on Android, including a couple of returning classics such as the Old Lady and the Homing Pigeon!

      BE THE BEST and worm your way to the top of the Leaderboards across all major game modes including single player as well as asynchronous online ranked matches.

      GREATER CONTROL for players who can now choose between an all-new D-Pad control system and the original touch controls.

      MARVEL at the glorious streamlined menu system. Gamers can now enjoy a much more pleasant and navigable menu system with a quick access player HUB for all updates and information!

      The game requires “Read_Contacts” permission for finding friends for multiplayer matches. The game also requires "Read_Phone_State" permission for analytics purposes.

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